Cooked Meats

Delicious, convenient, and with all the quality of our fresh meats, our cooked product range is made using fully-traceable choice cuts from our partners.

ProductApprox` WeightAdditional Info
Cooked Gammons
Natural Cooked Gammon 100%2.5kgUnsmoked, smoked & breaded available
Traditional Cooked Gammon 95%3kgUnsmoked, smoked & breaded available
Country Style Ham 80%3.5%Breaded available
Honey Roast Ham 80%3.5kg
Pork Roast Gigot2.5kg
Value Ham 80%
Cooked Turkey
Fenton Gold Turkey Saddle3.63kg
Dark Waverley Turkey Saddle (Paprika)2kg1/2 joint
Fenton Gold Turkey Saddle1.75kg1/2 joint, 7 days notice required
Sliced Cooked Meats: Retail Packs
Cooked Gammon10x100g
Smoked Gammon10x100g
Roast Pork10x100g
Chopped Pork10x100g
Cooked Bacon Steaks30x227g2x113g steaks per pack
Sliced Cooked Meats: Catering Packs
Cooked Gammon500g
Smoked Gammon500g
Roast Pork500g
Chopped Pork500g
Value Ham500g
Country Style Ham1kg
Tinned Meats
Chopped Pork1.81kg6 per case
Corned Beef1.81kg, 2.27kg6 per case