Our famous sausages contain top quality cuts of pork, with a natural balance of fat to lean meat to deliver our signature flavour.

ProductApprox` WeightAdditional Info
Pork Links (natural skin)1.81kg30 per pack approx.
Devro 8's (collagen skin)1.81kg32 per pack
Porkers (collagen skin)1.81kg16 per pack
Devro 12's (collagen skin)1.81kg48 per pack
Natural Skin Beef Links1.81kg30 per pack approx.
Natural Skin Chipolatas1.81kg85 per pack approx.
Devro Chipolatas (collagen skin)1.81kg100 per pack
Pork Sausages (collagen skin)400g7 per pack
Beef Lorne300g4 slices
Beef Lorne300g80 slices approx.
Pork and Apple Burgers85g (3oz)16 per pack
Pork and Apple Burgers113 (4oz)10 per pack