Whether you’re looking for a more unusual cut, or trying to add some extra flavour to your dishes, our range of pork offal is extensive and versatile, meaning none of the animal goes to waste.

ProductApprox` WeightAdditional Info
Pork Ribs0.3kg-1kgBelly, loin, shoulder
Pork Houghs1kgFore end or hind
Pork Fat Fresh1kg minimumBelly, loin, shoulder, leg
Pork Fat Frozen (Scottish)20kg2x10kg vac pack per case
Pork Fat Frozen (Dutch)15kgBlock per case
Pork Trimmings1kg minimum50% and 80% visual lean
Pork Skin1kg minimumBelly, loin, shoulder, leg
Pork Skin Frozen23kgBlock per case
Pork Cheeks454gWhole cheek
Pork Dobbs Frozen10kg10x1kg packets per case (cheek muscle)
Pork Bones1kg minimumSpine or marrow
Whole Heads5kg
Pig Tails1kg minimum
Pig Ears1kg minimumapprox. 10 per kg
Pigs Feet0.4kgFore end and hind
Kidneys1kg minimumapprox. 6 per kg
Hearts1kg minimumapprox. 3 per kg
Tongues1kg minimumapprox. 6 per kg
Fillets454gIndividually vacuum packs
Full Pluck4kg2 days notice
Luck Tops2kg
Haggis Bungs454gNatural casings
Haggis Sticks1kgSynthetic casimgs
Haggis Fingers230g12 per pack synthetic
Black Pudding Stick1.36kg
Black Pudding Fingers230g
Fruit Pudding Stick1.81kg