Fresh Pork

We offer a complete choice of Scottish pork products, with different cuts and weights available to suit your requirements. We also have the capacity to meet special requests and short delivery times, making us the producer of choice for butchers and chefs nationwide.

ProductApprox` WeightAdditional Info
Pork Shoulders
Bone In11kg
Boneless7.5kg85% visual lean
Pork Collar4kg90% visual lean
Pork Shell5kg80% visual lean
Pork Butt Netted (neck fillet)2.5kg95% visual lean
Pork Loins
Bone In Chump On8kgSkin on or off
Bone In Short Cut7kgSkin on or off
Short Cut Dressed4.2kgLoin rib attached
Striploin3.8kgSkin on or off
Danish Boneless Skin4kgDanish Crown
Pork Flanks
Bone In6kgSkin on or off
Boneless4kgSkin on or off
Pork Gigots
Bone In11kgSkin on or off
Boneless7.5kgSkin on or off
Pork Cuts
Suckling Pigs (Hog Roast)30-60kg7 days notice required
Pork Sides37kg
Pork Hinds25kg
Pork Spencers25kg
Pork Middles12kg